I’m the quiet one. The observer and the listener.

Perfectly content to blend into the background and practise the subtle art of people-watching (though not in a weird stalker-y way…don’t be alarmed).

Being an introvert is a bonus for a photographer. When I’m working with people, what I’m keeping an eye out for is personality, emotion and atmosphere, so a lifetime of choosing to watch from the sidelines – rather than taking centre stage – has honed these observational skills nicely.

It also means I can absolutely promise no cringe-y comedy routines. Not my style. 

female photographer leaning on a gate taking a photo

life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away


Might sound a little over-confident, but I don’t believe that producing a well-composed and technically sound photo is actually all that difficult. You learn the rules and apply them. Most people can learn how to do it fairly quickly. Don’t spread it around, but you can actually do it without even knowing what all the buttons on your camera do!* True story. But when it comes to really nailing a shot, to creating an image that truly moves people, that has the ability to transport you back in time…well, it takes a little more skill. A lot more skill, in fact. It really comes down to two key elements: a great creative eye and impeccable timing. Timing is everything

Memories matter. They’re the things that’ll keep us warm in the old folks’ home, right? And weddings are chock-full of memories just waiting to be made. I’m a sentimental old fool at heart and – though it’s a bit of a cliché – crafting memories for my clients is genuinely an honour. There is so much more to it than just clicking a button. 

Back in the heady days of enormous puff-sleeves and Fergie Bows, my dad was a wedding photographer. I sometimes think about all of his photographs that must fill albums all over the country and it gives me the warmest glow inside. I bet he captured some utterly epic ‘80s fashion choices. 

My Sustainability Promise (it’s a thing) 

Being good to the planet is a BIG deal to me (and you too, I expect). Click below to get the full lowdown on what I’m doing to cut down on plastics, save energy and generally invest in a better future.

*Of course, I know what all the buttons on my camera do. Honest. You can test me. 

a few of my favourite things


"kate was amazing from beginning to end. her passion, enthusiasm and support throughout the day made it even more enjoyable and ultimately stress free."

Niaomi & Alex



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Wedding Planners Are Just For The Rich And Famous, Right?

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The Tythe Barn Wedding – Bicester, Oxfordshire

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Stowe House Wedding – Stowe, Buckinghamshire

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