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For me, great photography isn't just about capturing the perfect smile, there's so much more to it than that. Photographs that portray emotion and relationships can reach out and touch your heart. They can transport you back to a time and place you never want to forget, and bring a joy that never fades.

When a photograph does this it becomes something extraordinary, and something to cherish.  These pictures are not always the ones where you're grinning directly at the camera, they're the ones when you're so lost in the moment you forget I'm there. The ones where children are too busy exploring and playing to realise they're having their photo taken and the ones that capture the love and unity between couples and within families.

My love of photographing people began in earnest when I had my first child. As the daughter of a photographer myself, I grew up in front  of the camera and surrounded by photographs. Our spare room doubled up as a darkroom and the smell of a plastic film case always takes me back to my childhood! But it wasn't until I had my own child that I really understood the emotion that motivated my dad and his camera. When my daughter was a baby I wanted to record and preserve every milestone but also create beautiful pieces of art to decorate our home and ensure I never forgot the most incredible and amazing chapter of my life. This only intensified when my son arrived and as they grew into loving friends, my focus became (and still is) capturing the bond between them and the experiences they share as they grow together.

Over time I was asked to photograph friends' children, and then their friends and their friends' friends. Encouraged and supported by these friends and my family, I invested in training and education and gradually grew my business. When my youngest child started full-time school and I had little more time to devote to my work, I decided to step into the wonderful world of wedding photography. I chose my mentor (an amazing wedding photographer who's work I had always admired) carefully and worked hard to hone my existing skills and learn the new ones required to become a successful wedding photographer myself. 

If I'm honest, I never expected to enjoy photographing weddings as much as I do but it turns out I'm just a hopeless romantic! Every couple has a unique love story and it's always a privilege to join them and capture the 'happily ever after' on their wedding day.