They grow up so fast. No, they really do. Trust me. Everyone says it, but until you actually have a house-full of little ones, you really don’t understand that blink-and-you-miss it speed at which they grow into teenagers. So it’s a lovely idea to get some family portraits taken that truly reflect your family’s unique character. You can’t freeze time, but you can take some gorgeous photos. 

Kids are so much fun to photograph, especially when they’re out and about in the great outdoors. The funny little things they do (and the funny little things you wish they didn’t do!) and also how you interact together as a family are what make these sessions so great. The little things you do – the way you hold their hands or brush their hair out of their eyes – are seemingly unimportant everyday gestures but the simple things are what you’ll remember (and miss!) when they don’t let you do them anymore. They are the real memories that you want to hang on to for as long as you can. 

Families aren’t perfect. You won’t find any Instagram-style images in my galleries. I take photos of REAL families, with REAL children and REAL parents. Tantrums, laughter and squabbles and all. So don’t worry if your kids are going through a phase of winding each other up at every opportunity: I’m ready for it. For me, there’s so much beauty in the flaws. My sessions are super fun and very relaxed. I let the children take the lead, only giving gentle direction when necessary so I get a good mix of action shots and natural poses for you to choose from. I adapt and tailor my approach to suit the children so they feel comfortable. It makes no difference if they’re quiet and reserved, or utterly bonkers (I’ve got one of each!) so please don’t worry if they won’t perform for the camera, I don’t want them to. 

We’ll head out to a place that’s special to you (be it parklands, woodlands, a beach or otherwise) and just let them run free. I’ll do my best to keep up with you all!  Don’t worry if you can’t think of anywhere to go, I know lots of beautiful places around the Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire countryside that I can take you to.

Newborn and baby photography sessions take place in your home. I’ve been a new mum myself and I know how badly you don’t want to leave that sofa, let alone the house! My sessions are relaxed, informal and baby-led using soft light and natural poses. There is no strict time limit and I’ll fit in with your baby’s routine.

family of five sitting on a bench and laughing


 1.5 hours of photography

Post-Production, editing and retouching

Secure online gallery (approx 50 images)

All images available to download at high-resolution to print yourselves


i'm so glad we did this!

I was worried it would be awkward but it was actually really easy and we all enjoyed ourselves.

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