I drive an electric car which is powered with 100% renewable wind and solar energy. I use this to get to and from my weddings, photography sessions and meetings. Additionally, all of my equipment is powered by rechargeable batteries. I charge my batteries with the same 100% renewable energy that powers my car. I’m also having solar panels installed which will mean I can generate my own electricity. ‘Citing! 


This is a tricky one as photography equipment is made from quite a lot of plastic(although the professional-grade equipment I use does have more metal components than your average consumer camera to make it more robust). I use Nikon equipment which is shipped to the UK from Japan, so its carbon footprint isn’t wonderful. However, none of it is disposable and it does have a long life. I use my cameras for around 5 years and my lenses for over a decade. When it’s time for me to upgrade, I sell everything on. It’s refurbished and has a whole second life after me.


I work from my home office which is 100% powered by renewable energy. I use low energy LED screens and lights and the energy conservation profile on my computers are finely tuned. I try to be as paperless as possible and print almost nothing. I do use paper for brochures, business cards, etc, but I always choose recycled FSC-certified options.


All of my cardboard or paper packaging is FSC-certified, recycled AND recyclable. Once you’re finished with it, do please reuse it or put it in your recycling bin. All of my other packaging is biodegradable, so again, use it or compost it. 

My wooden USBs and print presentation boxes are made from FSC-certified wood by a UK company that supports the charity One Tree Planted. They plant one tree for every order I place and work with reforestation projects in North America, Latin America, Asia, and Africa. They’re awesome. 


An even trickier one. Obviously, you want the highest quality paper possible for an album that’s going to outlive you. I spent months researching album suppliers, looking for a UK-based company that could offer me a beautiful handmade work of art with eco-credentials that stacked up. Finally, I discovered Folio Albums who tick all these boxes and more. High quality pigment printing on matte fine art paper and wrapped in luxurious materials…what’s not to like?


When I print your pictures, I want the very best quality, colour reproduction and longevity. This unfortunately means I can’t use recycled materials. I do, however, only use a print lab that operates as sustainably as it can. As long as your photos don’t go to landfill (and why would they?!) then it’s not too bad for the environment. 


I currently use DPD for all deliveries because of their carbon neutral policy. I keep an eagle eye out for other courier companies that might offer something even better, and will switch if a better, greener offer crops up. 


My mobile phone contract is provided by Ecotalk. They use the money from their customers’ bills to give land back to nature, creating vital new habitats for Britain’s wildlife.


I consider the environment in every aspect of my and my family’s lives. We make big efforts to seek out sustainably-sourced clothing (H&M are doing great things at the moment), cosmetics and toiletries (we make a lot of our own), food, toys, holidays, our home and more. There’s always room for improvement and every year we’re finding brilliant new ways to be better.