Environmental Policy

Out & About

I drive an electric car which is powered with 100% renewable (wind and solar) energy and I will use this to travel to your wedding location(s), photography sessions and meetings.

All my equipment is powered by rechargeable batteries. I charge my batteries with the same 100% renewable energy that powers my car.

Once the solar panels are installed I will generate my own electricty to power the car and charge my batteries.

In the Office

I work from an office in my home using 100% renewable energy to power everything. I use low energy LED screens and lights, and the energy conservation profile on my computera are finely tuned!

I try as much as possible to operate a paperless office, so your conract, invoice and all corespondence will be electronic/digital. However, sometimes printed items are necessary and where I do use paper for brochures, business cards etc... I always choose the recycled paper option.


All my cardboard or paper packaging is FSC certified, recycled, recyclable – please reuse it or put it in your recycling bin.

All other packaging is biodegradable. Please re-use it or pop it in your compost bin.

My wooden USBs and print presentation boxes are made from FSC certified wood by a UK company that supports the charity One Tree Planted. They plant one tree for every order I place and work with reforestation projects in North America, Latin America, Asia and Africa.


I spent months researching album suppliers, looking for a UK based company who could offer me a beautifully handmade work of art, with eco credentials they are proud of. I found Folio Albums who tick all these boxes. Here’s a breakdown of the albums:

Other Printed Products

When I print your pictures I want the very best quality, colour reproduction and longevity. This means I am unable to use recycled materials. I do however, only use a print lab


I currently use DPD for all deliveries because of their carbon neutral claims. I will continue to monitor the courier companies and will change if and when a more satisfactory option becomes available.


My mobile phone contract is provided by www.ecotalk.co.uk who use the money they make from customer bills to buy land to give back to nature – making homes for bees and other wildlife.