Collage of sibling portait photos taken in Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire

I like to photograph children and families outside, at a location that is significant or holds special memories for you. 

This could be somewhere you enjoy visiting as a family or your favourite place for a Sunday afternoon stroll. The seasons make a wonderful backdrop and a child’s imagination as they explore and play is the best place to take truly authentic and unique pictures. Don't worry if you can't think of anywhere - I know lots of places around the Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire countryside that I can introduce you to.

My sessions are fun and very relaxed. I like to let the children take the lead, only giving gentle direction when necessary, so I get a good mix of action shots and natural poses for you to choose from. I understand that children sometimes need time to warm up and that can’t be rushed. It’s important that the session is fun for you all so there is no rigid time limit and if we need to stop for an ice cream or a cup of coffee, that’s just fine.