Guest Post - How to style your wedding with unusual décor for a quirky unique twist

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. Whether you want something small, with only family and friends, or whether you’ve invited everyone in your address book, all the important people in your life will be there to see you tie the knot.

To create a wedding that the in-laws, out-laws and that fourth cousin twice removed will be talking about for months, why not shake it up a little? Swap out the usual flowers, linens and bows for bicycle wheels, colourful garlands and family photos. Here are The Wedding Secrets top tips for quirky décor.



Throwing a vintage styled wedding has become increasingly popular in the last few years. With almost everyone you know getting in on the action you may be stuck on ways to bring a unique twist to your vintage wedding. Well don’t worry; there are still tons of ways to make sure that your vintage wedding will be the one that everyone is talking about.

Firstly, mix, match and make charity shops your best friend. Not only are they a cheaper way to source vintage furniture and crockery but the eclectic collection will be completely unique, chosen by your own hands.

Also, while pearls, birdcages and old-timey lanterns are all well-known staples of a vintage wedding, you can add a twist by adding a few fun extras for your guests – Victorian-style fair games, an old sweet shop table, complete with paper bags and metal scales, or even a fully functional typewriter for a unique spin on the usual guest book.

Vintage Typewriter Detail at Lains Barn Wedding


If you’re a history buff, a fantasy enthusiast or a Sci-fi nut, why not have a themed wedding? If you and your partner both have an intense love for a particular book, film or T.V. show, why not make it the focus of your wedding? It’ll be fun, unique and totally you.

From full-on fancy dress, to customisable aisle runners, there are loads of ways to create a dramatic themed wedding, but if you don’t quite have room in the budget to get married in a full-sized replica of the Starfleet Command Bridge, here are some other ways you can include your favourite book or show:

·         If your theme is fantasy, why not name each table after a country or town from the world? Harry Potter enthusiasts could name the tables after houses and decorate them in the appropriate colours.

·         For the Sci-fi couple, why not include glistening fairy lights, blue lighting and planet centrepieces to make the room sparkle like a galaxy?

·          Comic book fans could create incredible paper flower bouquets for the centrepieces, made from the pages of your favourite scenes.

Friends themed wedding table at The Elvetham


Why not make sure that your wedding is at the top of your guest’s minds by getting them involved in the decorating process? You could bring out the old arts and crafts box at the hen night and make colourful flower garlands to string across the room on the big day (though you might want to lay off the booze ‘til you’re done).

Or, why not send your save the dates with a couple of slips of paper and some origami instructions? They can use them to R.S.V.P. and have fun at the reception trying to find the one they made. Make sure to stick to a simple design and add in a couple of extra sheets of paper that match your colour scheme so your guests have a chance to practice.  

Homemade confetti cones at a Lains Barn wedding


Your wedding is a celebration of you and your love for your new partner but also for your family and friends, so why not include a few personal touches? You can display framed photographs of family weddings, going back as far as you are able, keeping your loved ones close on your special day.

You might want to create table features based around your favourite quote, or a picture you love. Or even make the centrepiece a game. Add a chalkboard with a fun fact about each person on the table and have them break the ice by attempting to figure out who’s who.

Fashion themed wedding centrepiece at Lains Barn


Every girl wants to feel special on her big day. Why not go all out and decorate your venue in a way that would make any Disney princess green with envy?

If you’ve chosen to risk the British weather and opt for an outdoor venue, why not switch out the typical ribbons and flower aisle decorations for small lanterns and strings of metal bells? Not only will they look fantastic but the bells will sound beautiful during the ceremony.

For those of you having a winter or autumn weather you can add an ethereal touch to your venue using ice sculptures. Freeze a red rose (or whichever flower you’d prefer) in ice and create a standing sculpture straight out of Beauty and the Beast.



Quirky doesn’t have to mean old fashioned. There are tons of ways to incorporate modern technology into your wedding to create a stunning and unique twist.

Much as we may want it to, the transition between the wedding and reception doesn’t always run as smoothly as we’d like. If the venue’s not ready for your guests to go inside or you don’t want to force them to hang around (in British weather) while you’re having the family photos – why not set up a reception area? You can set up a slideshow of favourite couple pictures or funniest family candids as some pre-reception entertainment.

Spice up the reception with bright, light-up signs – making a perfect backdrop for the party photos. You can even use projections for an effortless and elaborate room decoration.  Create stunning projections of woodland scenes and sophisticated patterns or light up your dancefloor with a delicate monogram, and dance the night away.

There are all sorts of fantastic ways to style your wedding in an unusual and quirky fashion and at The Wedding Secret we have plenty of suppliers who can help you create the perfect venue decoration. For plenty of wedding inspiration have a browse through the fantastic suppliers and venues to help create the perfect wedding.