How To Prepare For A Newborn Baby Photo Session

The most important thing I need you to remember is to relax and not worry about your baby ‘performing’ for me. I know exactly how it feels to have a newborn baby and I know that they rarely do what you want them to - I also know that they always fall asleep eventually!

Please remember that I don’t care how long I’m sat waiting for your baby to feed, poo, feed again, pee, feed some more and then spit-up milk all over me before they fall asleep. Please don’t feel stressed if your baby doesn’t feel like co-operating. I expect newborn sessions to take 2-4 hours and I make sure I never have anything else booked in that day. I will get the best photos for you when they are asleep so it’s always worth the wait.

Just relax, give your baby everything they need and forget about me until they go to sleep. I always need to pop to the supermarket (or sit in a coffee shop reading a trashy magazine - don’t tell my husband I do this) so once we have some ‘awake’ images I can go off and then come back when your baby is sleeping.

That said, there are a few things you can do that might increase the chances of a smooth, sleepy baby session. There are no guarantees but it can definitely help - I’ve listed the most important ones first.

1.  Crank up the heat - your baby will be in the buff for most of the session and will not settle if they’re chilly. It needs to be hot - about 24-26C hot. We will be sweating cobs but your baby will be lovely and comfortable.

2.  Don’t dress them in anything that needs to go over the head. Fully poppered sleepsuits are much easier to slip them out of when they’re asleep.

3.  A bath about an hour before I arrive is a good idea, followed by a nice massage with your moisturiser of choice - especially if they have a few dry patches on their hands and feet.

4.  Feed them, as much as they want. A baby with a full tummy sleeps soundly and we’re aiming for that lovely ‘milk coma’ sleep they fall into after a long and satisfying feed.
Breastfeeding mums - I know how hard it can be establishing breastfeeding in the first few weeks, I’ve been there. Do whatever you need to do to feel comfortable. I will not be offended if you want to feed upstairs or even if you ask me to wait in the car. Whatever it takes, I just want you to feel relaxed.

5.  I will already have spoken with you about colours and props. If you would like me to use your own props and blankets, please have them to hand. Please also have some spare clothes for you as I can pretty much guarantee you will be peed or pooed on at least once!

And finally, if you have any questions, queries or concerns, please just give me a call.

Kate Duckmanton