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Newborn and baby photography sessions take place in your home - because I've been a new mum too and I know you don't want to leave the sofa, let alone the house!

My sessions are relaxed, informal and baby-led using soft light and natural poses. There is no strict time limit and I will fit in with your baby’s routine – whatever that may (or may not) be.

We have lots of options when photographing your baby. Sleeping babies are beautiful to photograph and I have plenty of fabrics and props for the lovely posed images. I can match the colours of your images to the décor in your home, and we can use several different sets so Granny can have a picture to match her lounge too.

I'm always happy for you to use your own props (I love it when a baby has a special blanket or toy), and if you want to buy something new for your baby, I can provide details of my preferred suppliers for you or just have a browse on Etsy. There are some very talented people making beautiful things on there - search for 'newborn photography prop'. However, please remember that many items are made to order or shipped from the US so start browsing before your baby is born and allow 3-4 weeks for them to get to you.

Awake babies are just as beautiful to photograph, particularly with their parents as the eye contact they make with them is so intense. These pictures are stunning and timeless in black and white and I can capture both posed and more relaxed lifestyle images for you.

We will chat before your session so I can make sure I know exactly what kind of pictures you would like. Many new mums tell me that they don't want to be in the pictures as they are self conscious. I remember being a new mum vividly and I completely understand, but please don't miss the opportunity of having your photo taken with your new baby because of this. It's my job to make you look amazing in your photos and I know plenty of tricks to make that happen. 

Babies are a joy to photograph at any age but the best age for the classic newborn images is around 7-14 days. Please make sure you contact me before your baby is born so I have a rough idea of when to book you in.  

A photography session isn't an everyday occurrence, so I have purposefully made my pricing as simple as possible. 

Initially, all you need is 'The Essentials' - this includes your photography session, the editing of the images, an online gallery of your final pictures and all your images at high-resolution on a USB.

The Essentials     £320

  • 2 hour photography session.

  • Fully edited online gallery.

  • All images available to download at screen (low) resolution.

  • All images on a USB at print (high) resolution.

If you intend to print your pictures yourself, this is all you need. You can upload the images directly from the memory stick and order your prints, photobooks, canvas' etc online.
Or if you prefer, I can produce your artwork for you. There are distinct advantages to this which I can discuss with you if you wish, but I never ask my clients to commit to any printed products prior to seeing their final gallery, so you have plenty of time to think about it. Just ask me to bring some samples if you think you might want to do this.

Creating the beautiful pictures you see in my galleries and the art in my clients' homes requires considerable skill and effort, both during the session and afterwards in the digital darkroom. So it makes sense that my time and expertise are the most significant aspects of your investment.

Your photography session is hugely important to me and I work hard to provide you with a gallery full of pictures you love. When you have selected your favourites, the way in which you choose to display your pictures is equally as important. The moment you first see your picture transformed in print to a piece of art for your home is not to be underestimated, the 'big reveal' is a very special and often emotional occasion.

I'm always happy to offer advice to my clients regarding the printing of their pictures. There are some great consumer print labs out there and it's not always necessary to use a 'professional' lab, so just ask if you're unsure of where to go or what to do. No pressure, I promise - all I want is for your gorgeous pictures that I've worked so hard on to look exactly how they should when printed.

Please contact me if you would like any further details.